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One-Minute Preceptor

The One-Minute Preceptor teaching method guides the preceptor-student encounter via five microskills.

Incorporating Students into Patient Care/Workflow

This 1-pager for Preceptors serves as a resource for strategies that can be utilized to more effectlely integrate students into clinical practice.

Introducing/Orienting a PA Student to your Practice

Orientation facilitates a quicker transition in allowing the student to become a member of the medical team.

Tailoring Clinical Teaching to an Individual Student

PA students from the same or different programs may come to the clinical setting for training with differences in clinical knowledge and skills based on a number of factors.

Medical Education and Research Costs (MERC) Grant

Bethel University PA Program qualifies for the MERC grant, which is administered by the MN Department of Health. The annual grant is distributed to eligible clinical sites. As both the Teaching Program and Sponsoring Institution, Bethel University manages this grant and works with our eligible clinical sites. For additional information please contact us at merc@bethel.edu