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Re-enrolling to Bethel

Undergraduate - College of Arts & Sciences

If you have been away from Bethel for longer than one semester and no longer have access to register for courses, we'd love for you to re-enroll. Please follow the steps below.

Please note: If you have been away from Bethel for 5 years or longer or only did PSEO at Bethel, you will need to submit an application through the Admissions Office.

Steps to Return

  1. Complete the Re-enrollment Application.
  2. Start the financial aid process.

Contact CAS Assistant Registrar or 651-635-8525

Adult Undergraduate or Graduate School

If you were formerly a student at Bethel and had chosen to leave, we’d love to have you back. Whether it’s to finish your degree, add a license, or just take one additional class, we're here to help you come back to Bethel. 

Steps to Return

  1. Contact the Office of Student Success.
  2. Start the financial aid process for Adult Undergraduate or Graduate School.
Contact Office of Student Success or 651-635-8800


If you stepped away from your seminary studies for four or more consecutive terms (including interim and summer terms) please contact the Admissions Office to request readmission.

Steps to Return

  1. Apply online through the Admissions Office.
    • Select your desired campus for study
    • Choose "How to Apply"
    • Complete the "Online Application"
  2. Start the financial aid process.

Students who have not been enrolled within the last three years must reapply and abide by the catalog requirements at the time of their readmission, unless written permission was obtained from the Office of the Registrar prior to the extended leave (for example in cases of military deployment). If prior permission was obtained, the student may follow the catalog requirements under which they last enrolled.

Contact the Seminary Admissions Office or 651-638-6288