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Permit appeals and requests are now open for fall 2023.

Permit requirements for fall 2023 will be enforced starting September 11.

General Parking Guidelines

Permits are required to park on campus overnight. Transfer of sticker permits between persons or vehicles is prohibited. Sticker permits must be adhered to the vehicle exterior, and hangtag permits must be visible from the vehicle exterior.

Overnight Permits

A permit for a single overnight may be acquired 24/7 by calling 651.638.6000 for an officer to deliver the permit to your vehicle, or by visiting the West Gate checkpoint. Please have your Bethel ID on hand.

Overnight permits are not required until after 4:30 p.m. and expire at 10 a.m. the following day. The cost ­­­­is $4 per night, billed to a student account.

Temporary Parking Permits

All residents are eligible for up to 30 days of temporary permits per academic year, which can be used in smaller or larger denominations to best fit student needs. Temporary permits cost $4 per day and carry the same rights and responsibilities as residential sticker permits.

These permits are an excellent solution for long weekends, short-term vehicle use, substituting vehicles on campus temporarily, or awaiting an appeal decision. Stop by the Safety and Security Office with your vehicle information (make, model, license plate, and color) to pick up a temporary permit.

Temporary permits are not valid outside of the marked date range.

College of Arts & Sciences Resident Permits

All residential permits are issued based on completed credits and housing location.

Students with less than completed 60 credits living on campus are generally not able to have vehicles on campus, due to the deficit of available parking spaces. Permits may be awarded in certain situations upon appeal. Learn more about the process for our needs-based permit appeals process for residents. Overnight or temporary permits are alternatives for short-term needs.

Students with more than completed 60 credits can obtain a residential permit for the academic year without appeal. Complete the online form to request a permit.

Resident Permit Cost

Completed Credits

Permit Cost Per Semester*









*Permits are pro-rated on a quarterly basis each semester.

Permits are charged to student accounts upon request and are not valid until they are adhered to the vehicle.

College of Arts & Sciences Commuter Fee

All off-campus CAS students are charged the $175 Commuter Fee each semester, regardless of whether or not they request a permit. Students with situations not requiring them to bring a vehicle to campus should appeal the fee. Appeals must be received within 30 days of the charge in order to be considered.

To appeal the fee, please email: parking-appeals@bethel.edu.

Commuter students should still complete the online form to receive a commuter parking permit. Permits will be sent via campus mail.

Seminary, College of Adult & Professional Studies, and Graduate Studies Parking

Bethel community members are required to have permits at the Anderson Center. Upon completion of the online form, a permit will be mailed to the home address on record.

Employee Permits

Employees may request up to two permits for use on Bethel's campus at no cost. Employees at both the Lakeside Campus and Anderson Center must obtain a permit. While employee hangtag permits can be moved between vehicles, employees may not lend permits to any other individuals, particularly on-campus residents. Permits will be sent through campus mail upon completion of the online form.

Permit Changes and New Vehicles

To switch permits between vehicles for short-term periods, visit the Safety and Security Office for a Temporary Permit or call 651.638.6000 for an Overnight permit.

To permanently switch vehicles, bring the old sticker permit to the Safety and Security office along with the new vehicle’s information. For assistance removing a permit, call 651.638.6000. Vehicles are still required to have a permit during periods of transition. 

Employees and commuters do not require a new permit to update their vehicle information. Simply email safety-security@bethel.edu with updated make, model, color, year, and license plate. 

Lost, Stolen, or Forged Permits

A lost or stolen permit must be reported immediately to the Safety and Security office. The use of either a forged permit or a permit reported as lost or stolen will result in citation, immobilization, and possible loss of vehicular privileges on campus.

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