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The Parking Appeals Committee, consisting of Bethel employees and students, has the difficult task of deciding which individuals have the highest need due to the limited parking on campus. While we seek to accommodate as many individuals as possible we at times have to deny an appeals due to space.  Below are guidelines used by the committee. To contact the committee directly with question, please email

Commuter Parking Charge Appeals

Commuters wishing to appeal the $100 per semester charge for parking and road maintenance will need to identify why this charge is not applicable to their situation.

Follow the following steps to appeal a commuter permit charge:

MyBethel; Yellow Tools & Resources Button; Banner; Login to Bethel University's Self-Service Banner System; Personal Information; Parking Permits & Violations; Appeal the Charge. 

Resident Freshman and Sophomore Permit Appeals

Meeting these guidelines does not automatically result in an approved appeal.  There are various factors that contribute to decisions to include available space.  Once an appeal is sent the Parking Appeals Committee reviews and makes a determination. 

Employment/Volunteerism 15+ Hours Weekly

A student wishing to appeal for employment or volunteerism will need to submit a letter on the organizations letterhead stating the organization's location, the individual's role, the hours the individual will be working weekly, and the individuals supervisors name/contact information.  While we want understanding of these opportunities Bethel encourages students to volunteer on campus through student life or work a campus job.  

Medical Needs (Physical and/or Mental Health)

Because of the complexity and expertise demanded by permit requests for medical needs, health services may be consulted in the decision making process.

A student must provide a physician's (MD) statement which indicates A medically-based need for a vehicle and an appointment schedule which would require regular and frequent transportation.

Depending on the need, a parking permit may be granted for the entire academic year, or just a portion (i.e. for the duration of the appointment schedule).

Distance 275+ Miles from Home

Distance-based appeals will be reviewed based on the distance from Bethel's campus and the student's home address. 

University Academic or Athletic Need

At the beginning of each semester, a list will be given to the Parking Appeal Committee by Professors and Coaches for those students who will need to have a car on campus due to University activities that happen off campus. 

The list of names will be comprised only after every effort has been made to place students in car pools and/or Bethel vans. Permits will be granted to those students on the list for the duration of the need (i.e., appropriate athletic season or semester). 

Military Obligations

Individuals with current military obligations. Will need a memo provided by your first line leader or other documentation showing a current obligation.  

Age 21+

Freshman or Sophomores that are over 21 may appeal to have a permit for a vehicle on campus. 


The Parking Appeals Committee is aware that some situations fall outside the above parameters. In these circumstances, the committee hopes to be understanding of needs and accommodate when possible. 


The above are guidelines for reasons an appeal may be granted; meeting one or multiple of these does not guarantee a permit being approved. 

Submit a Parking Permit Appeal

What can I do if my appeal is denied?

You may email the Parking Appeals Committee Directly following a denied appeal with additional documentation or information.  You may send this information directly to