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We'll Get You There Safely

Safe Ride is a service provided to Bethel University community members who would like safe transportation across campus or from Roseville, Shoreview, and Arden Hills businesses to campus. Call 651.638.6000 to request a Safe Ride. 

Please keep in mind that the Safety and Security team is not a medical transport agency. This means Safety and Security will not transport individuals to the hospital under any circumstances.

For emergency hospital transportation, call 911 (and then, if possible, 651.638.6000). 

Request a Safe Ride

  1. Call Safety and Security at 651.638.6000
  2. Give your name, Bethel ID number (if applicable), and location
  3. Wait in a well-lit area where you feel comfortable
  4. When Safety and Security arrives, give them your Bethel ID and the location you need to get to

Keep in mind that Safe Ride is not a taxi service and should be used only if your safety is a concern. Officers may choose to escort you on foot. 

Safe Ride only operates when Bethel Shuttles are not in service.

Remember, your safety is our primary concern!