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Thank you, Bethel Seminary community!

It was a great year - thanks for being a part of the continued exploration of how faith shapes our everyday work and sense of vocation. As the 2014-2015 academic school year comes to an end, we wanted to share a few highlights from the year.

Some Highlights

Here's just a glimpse of where the exploration of faith-work integration happened within our community this year...

  • 4 St. Paul community lunch events, featuring guest speakers such as Julie White (former EVP at Wells Fargo), David Horsager (Author of The Trust Edge), Ken Melrose (former CEO of Toro), among others
  • 100,000 Hours Colloquy student reading group - 12 Seminary and MBA student participants
  • Staff & faculty reading group
  • A handful of seminary, staff, and faculty were part of facilitating a pilot of a Vocational Stewardship course at 6 partner churces - a church-based course that we developed in partnership with Christianity Today
  • 3 Soul & Role retreats - student and staff participation
  • Staff & faculty retreats - in St. Paul and San Diego
  • Doctor of Ministry dinner to explore faith-work integration and the life of the chuurch
  • Course materials and modules on faith, work, and economics incorporated into 11 Seminary courses across disciplines this year
  • Hosted seminars and gatherings for local pastors, featuring national speakers such as Leith Anderson (president of the National Evangelical Association) and Katherine Leary Alsdorf (founder and director emeritus of Redeemer Presbyterian's Center for Faith & Work in Manhattan)

Student Reflection

Congrats to Alex Blackwell, winner of this year's 100,000 Hours Colloquy essay prize! Alex is a first-year Masters of Divinity student, one of 12 Seminary and Bethel MBA students that participated in the 100,000 Hours Colloquy reading group this year - meeting 8 Saturdays to discuss 4 different books over the course of spring semester.

Check out Alex's reflections on the inseparable nature of work and mission.

Staff Reflection

Tim Senapatiratne, Seminary Reference Librarian and Faculty Associate, shares some of his reflections on the the ongoing conversation around faith and work here at the seminary.

Artistic Reflection

A Call  to Service
A video reflection created by Jenny Vang
Student Advisor and Administrative Assistant

Enjoy the video and check out Jenny's reflections behind it.