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A Call to Service

By Jenny Vang

At the end of November, I started as the Academic Advisor to SemPM students as well as the administrative assistant to the Office of Student Development and Support. In January, the Bethel Seminary staff & faculty gathered for a retreat entitled "A Call to Service," sponsored by Work With a Purpose. At this retreat, we were challenged to create a project that would help us to pursue our own call to service in our respective roles at Bethel.

Knowing there was still a lot for me to learn as a new employee, I took on the challenge with the hopes of communicating my own call to service, which is to use my unique passions and gifts, (such as videography) to understand how Bethel Seminary functions together to help cultivate whole and holy students.

Ultimately, I believe knowing what various employees at Bethel believe their call to service is will help establish an overall sense of community and understanding that it is only together as the body of Christ that we will be able to fulfill our call to service to God.

That being said, I wanted to briefly explain my video. I surveyed many staff and faculty and asked them to provide 3 words that communicated what they believed their call to service to be. Their responses are recorded and divided by department in the video.

I also chose to implement short and simple clips of everyday life at Bethel Seminary. On any given day, each of us experience and do things that are unique to our roles, yet are seemingly "normal." However, these clips represent the seemingly "everyday" things that are a part of the change we will see in the world through Bethel students and their current and future ministries.

I pray you are blessed by the video and will also go on to consider your own call to service.