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Typically, the following courses are recommended for students pursuing careers in medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, podiatry, or chiropractic medicine as well as a career as a physician assistant.

  • BIO120 - Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • BIO124 - Integrative Biology: Genes, Cells, Change
  • BIO122 - Introduction to Organismic Biology
  • BIO128 - Integrative Biology: Metabolism, Energy, Biodiversity
  • CHE113, 214 - General Chemistry I and II
  • CHE224, 226 - Organic Chemistry I and II
  • CHE304 - Essentials of Biochemistry
  • CHE336/BIO388 - Biochemistry I
  • PHY202, 206 - Introductory Physics I and II
  • PHY292, 296 General Physics I and II

If you're interested in the M.S. in Physician Assistant program at Bethel, check out the specific program prerequisites.

Additional courses in mathematics, composition, literature, and social and behavioral sciences as indicated by specific professional schools. Be sure to check the requirements of any professional schools you plan on applying to.