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Pre-law is not a specifc major at Bethel, but it is a minor. In fact, law schools don't recommend a specific pre-law curriculum and accept students from many majors. The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) examines students’ abilities in reading comprehension as well as logical and analytical reasoning.

To be best prepared for the LSAT and law school, it is most important that students develop their thinking, writing, and speaking skills through a variety of courses and experiences, and gain a critical understanding of human behavior, institutions, and values. Our general education courses combined with some of the majors offered by the departments below prepare students well for law school.

If you're interested in law, you should discuss this with your academic advisor and the pre-law advisor early in your time at Bethel. Your advisor will help you develop a program of courses that fits your interests and preprares you for the LSAT.

Programs to Consider 

Departments to Consider