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The focus of faculty and student collaborations is widely varied and provides opportunities for students to work with faculty in many areas. Take a look at recent Edgren Scholar program recipients.


“Correlates between seasonal hormones, socially appropriate behavior and gene expression in European starlings, Sturnus vulgaris” by Dr. Melissa Cordes, Associate professor of Biological Sciences and Emily Schmidt (major in Neuroscience '24)

“Roles and Psychological Safety in Online Work Environments” by Dr. Peggy Kendall, Professor of Communication Studies and Tristan Thomas (major in Communication Studies '24)


"It’s Worth Dreaming” by Dr. Scott Winter, Associate Professor of Journalism and Soraya Keiser (majors in International Relations and Journalism '24)


"The effect of social housing on learning ability in a rodent model" by Dr. Rachel Anderson, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Paisley Buchanan (major in Neuroscience '22)

"A Picture's Worth a Thousand Data Points? AI-driven Machine Learning in Digital Humanities Analyses" by Dr. Charles Goldberg, Associate Professor of History and Zach Haala (majors in Computer Science with Software Project Management, Digital Humanities, and Software Engineering '22)

"No Place Like Home: Understanding Social Connection Among Those with Lived Experience in Homelessness" by Dr. L. Ripley Smith, Professor of Communication Studies and Kate Larson (major in Communication Studies '22)


"Computational Study of Hydrofluoroolefins(HFOs): Reactivity with Cl/HO Radicals and Ozone in the Troposphere" by Dr. Stacey A. Stoffregen, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Jesse Mojeske (major in Chemistry) 

"Discovery of Medicinal Natural Products from Rhodococcus Bacteria" by Dr. James Christenson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Kristen Bishop (majors in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Spanish, and Chemistry) 

"Hepatoma cells response to saturated fatty acids" by Dr. Angela K. Stoeckman, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Korbyn Dahlquist (major in Chemistry)


“The Prevalence of Tone Deafness in Prosopagnosic Individuals” by Dr. Sherryse Corrow, Associate Professor of Psychology and Rachel Nordberg (majors in Neuroscience and Psychology, '19)

“Integrating Deep Machine Learning into New Physics Searches with the CMS Experiment” by Dr. Julie Hogan, Assistant Professor of Physics and Sam Johnson (majors in Mathematics and Physics, '19)

“Examination of etv1 as a Potential Downstream Transcription Factor Gene in the Fgf Signaling Pathway During Lung Development in the Frog Xenopus Laevis” by Dr. Brian Hyatt, Professor of Biology and Maria Pecoraro (major in Biology '19)

“A Qualitative Study of Quality of Life and Self-Management in Patients on Mechanical Circulatory Support for End Stage Heart Failure” by Dr. Kristin Sandau, Professor of Nursing and Karin Canakes (major in Nursing '19)


"Values Communicated via Storytelling in Advertisements” by Dr. Mary Ann Harris and Morgan Johnson (major in Business '18)

“The Bethel Frogtown and Summit-University Partnership: a study of a long-term effort to create a community-based learning collaboration” by Dr. Harley Schreck and Rita Mecicar (majors in Sociocultural and Reconciliation Studies '19)

“Anomaly Detection in the Internet of Things (IoT)” by Dr. Brian Turnquist and Elise Courtemanche (major in Mathematics '18)


"The Effect of Evaluator Training on Intra/Inter Rater Reliability in High-Stakes Assessment in Simulation" by Dr. Ann Holland, Professor of Nursing, Dr. Jone Tiffany, Professor of Nursing, and Ashley Kollman (major in Nursing '17)

"The Statistical Development of Language" by Dr. Adam Johnson, Professor of Psychology and Carrie Bell (majors in Psychology and Mathematics, '17)

"Care, Friendship, and Isolation: A Study of Home Health Aides" by Dr. Peggy Kendall, Professor of Communication Studies and Krista Jolivette (major in Communication Studies '17)

"Statistical Models for Peripheral Encoding of Pain and Itch" by Dr. Brian Turnquist, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science and Annie Melling (major in Mathematics and Math Education, Grades 5-12, '17)


"Examination of the Effects of Xer81 on Neural Tube Closure and Lung Development in the Frog Xenopus laevis" by Dr. Brian Hyatt, Professor of Biological Sciences, and Nate Riedeman (major in Biology, '16)

"Student Learning Impact of a Patient Centered Care Coordination Clinical Module" by Dr. Ann HollandAssociate Professor of Nursing, Dr. Kathleen Tilton, former Associate Professor of Nursing, Dr. Jone Tiffany, Associate Professor of Nursing, and McCall Kleve (major in Nursing, '16)

"The Problem with Creativity" by Ken Steinbach, Professor of Art, and Emily Swanberg (majors in Art and Psychology '16)