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Lots of students say that when they visited Bethel for the first time, they just felt something different.

We think that something is community, and more specifically, a covenant community.

It's shaped by our commonalities: faith in Jesus Christ, a pursuit of knowledge both academic and spiritual, and a desire to impact our world.

It's why Bethel students stay up late to study together, and during finals week, staff and faculty stay up late, too, to serve breakfast to those cramming. We help each other succeed.

And it's why you'll find some 1,200 students, faculty, and staff in Chapel each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday-even though Chapel isn't required. We grow in our faith together.

In all we do, we make caring for our community a priority-celebrating successes with friends, working through issues together, and challenging each other to grow.

At Bethel, community is a feeling and an experience. It's marked by a deep respect for our differences as well as a unique connection that comes with pursuing the same things.

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