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If you're a Bethel student, you're part of Bethel Student Government (BSG). All you have to do is get involved!

BSG is here to help you develop your God-given strengths, get inspired to serve, and connect you to opportunities to put your gifts to use.

Because it's run by 100-plus students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, BSG has a pretty good idea about what you may want, need, and like during your time at Bethel. It's their priority to:

  • Organize fun events so you can connect with other Bethel students
  • Make sure you know about all the opportunities to serve others both on and off campus
  • Help you figure out and practice your leadership skills
  • Get you all the information and resources you need to maximize your learning, like how and where to find the most affordable textbooks!

Get Involved!

Want to learn what BSG is all about? See how you can get involved.