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At Bethel, we want to reflect the body of Christ. This means celebrating the things that make us unique, sharing the things we have in common, and working together to build the kingdom of God.

We believe that by understanding our differences we better understand our world.

Embracing Our Differences

We come from 48 states, 29 countries, and 65 different Christian denominations. Our different ethnicities, abilities, socio-economic groups, backgrounds, and experiences shape who we are and what we care about.

We bring to Bethel, and freely share, our own perspectives and opinions. And we believe that's a very good thing.

Sharing Our Commonalities

It's our shared commitment to Christ that draws us together. We only become better-as individuals and a community-when we continually learn from, respect, and appreciate each other's intellectual, social, cultural, professional, and spiritual gifts.

When we more fully understand the ways God has uniquely equipped us as individuals, we can make a bigger difference in our world together.

Working for Reconciliation

Our many differences, however, can sometimes pose challenges or cause misunderstandings, which is why we work to be reconcilers. It's why we have students actively studying reconciliation as a major.

We won't allow oppression, through words or actions, and we will work for justice and peace wherever we can-on campus, in our neighborhood, and around the world.