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Part of living in community means watching out for each other, which is why we take safety and security seriously-and why late in the evening, you'll likely be stopped at our campus checkpoint at the main entrance on the west side of campus. To be effective, our living, working, and learning environment must be safe.

Around-the-Clock Patrol

Our 25+ campus safety officers, within the Office of Security and Safety, patrol the campus grounds, parking lots, and buildings around the clock. Ready to respond quickly to emergencies 24/7, they also provide security escorts for late-night walks from one end of campus to the other.

Security and Safety works closely with the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, the New Brighton Police Department, and the Lake Johanna Fire Department. And all of our professional and student security staff are CPR/AED and first-aid certified.

Safety Alerts

We keep our campus communication systems up to date so we can quickly notify the community in case of an emergency or significant campus event. If you're a Bethel student or community member, learn more about Bethel Alerts. It's just one of the tools we'll use to keep you informed.

Personal Safety

Safety is a personal responsibility of everyone in the community. Our Security and Safety team offers tools and resources for students or employees interested in learning more about personal safety issues.