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As members of Bethel's community we're part of a covenant. Unlike a one-way contract that's signed and adhered to, Bethel's Covenant of Life Together is a relationship involving lots of people.

You sign the covenant, knowing that others are counting on you to support them in their faith, academics, and life, in general. In return, they do the same for you. You give and you get.

It's a Promise

While we live and grow together at Bethel, we promise to honor a specific set of values meant to help everyone succeed in academics, sports, relationships, and faith. And we hold each other accountable to that promise.

It's a Relationship

We laugh. We learn. We sing, worship, and pray together. The covenant ties us into a community where we can create and strengthen authentic, Christ-filled relationships.

It's a Celebration

Not meant to be a burden, the covenant is something to celebrate. For this short time in our lives, we get to be part of a community that recognizes, appreciates, and cares for each other.

What It's Not

Our covenant was not prescribed to us by administration. True to its nature, it was a collaboration among students, faculty, and staff, who based it on biblical teaching about Christian qualities. And it continues to evolve along with our community.

Contrary to popular belief...

  • It was not written as a means to control campus or discipline students. Nor does only one office care about the covenant. Ideally everyone, from professors and students to staff and administration, keeps the covenant a priority.
  • It's not a set of rules, but a set of values that compel us to do or not do certain things.
  • Its sole purpose is not to ban the drinking of alcohol. Although alcohol consumption (or lack thereof) is addressed, it's one of many actions and behaviors considered within the context of Bethel's values.
  • It's not forever. The covenant is specifically for our time together at Bethel.


Questions or concerns about Bethel's Covenant for Life Together? Contact our team.