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Whether it's in the classroom, on the football field, or in a residence hall, we care that Bethel students are successful.


To be successful, we know students often need support. It's why we offer customized services like tutoring, career development, health advice, or just a pair of listening ears when needed.

We want to know where you're headed—and what's standing in your way—so we can do all we can to help you get there.

Together we can work through challenges that may be affecting academics, relationships, and even faith. And as we do this, personal growth begins to happen bringing with it wisdom and maturity.

Community Support

College life at Bethel is more than what happens in the classroom. It's about building up the whole person—ensuring our residence halls and student activities provide community and making it easy to get involved or find support from the Student Life team when you need it.

We consider it a privilege to walk with students through their time at Bethel and believe that as we grow and mature as individuals, we also grow and mature as a community devoted to Christ.


Student Life is available to help students navigate issues or process questions they're experiencing.