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Wondering what major fits your interests, values, and strengths? What can you do now to lead a successful and purposeful life after graduation?

The Office of Career Development and Calling can help you answer these questions well before graduation day.

We want you to feel confident and equipped for the path God has called you to take while you're at Bethel and after you leave.

We can help you:

  • Choose a major
  • Write effective resumes and cover letters
  • Learn how to search for internships and jobs
  • Practice for interviews
  • Learn networking strategies in order to connect with potential employers
  • Search for graduate school programs
  • Identify preferences, interests, and strengths through assessments

Check out the Online Career Center to view job postings, example cover letters and resumes, news and events, and more.

Stop by or call the Office of Career Development and Calling to make an appointment with a career specialist.