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As Christians, we're united in our commitment to Christ. Yet, our individual roles and how we follow Him can look very different because of our unique racial and cultural identities.

So, at Bethel, we work hard to make sure these differences are not only recognized but celebrated and enjoyed.

With specific programs and services, we hope to eliminate any barriers that underrepresented students or students of color may have as they acclimate to college life, engage in campus activities, and grow academically and spiritually at Bethel.

In addition to all BSG clubs and organizations as well as Campus Ministries events, we offer many opportunities for students of color to get plugged in at Bethel.

Peer Empowerment Orientation (P.E.P)

P.E.P is designed specifically for incoming students of color with a focus on how to navigate campus life academically, socially, and spiritually.

Cultural Connection Center (CCC)

The Cultural Connection Center is dedicated to nurturing a sense of belonging, promoting healthy dialogue about diversity, and providing educational opportunities that strengthen the multicultural fabric of the university.

United Cultures of Bethel (UCB)

UCB provides social support networks for:

  • African/African American students (Moya)
  • Indigenous/Native students (First Nations)
  • Mexican and Latino students (Voz Latina)
  • White students (Peace Makers)
  • Asian students (Asian Christian Fellowship)

As part of UCB, student explore their own racial and ethnic identities alongside their peers, engage with other multicultural student organizations from other schools and the community, and develop a Biblical understanding of what it means to be diverse but united in the body of Christ.

Act Six

Act Six is a full-tuition, full-need urban leadership scholarship that prepares and empowers young people from urban communities to change their neighborhoods through education and leadership development.



If you have questions, please contact the Office of Inclusive Excellence.