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Through Leadership Identification, Integration, Influence you answer big questions about who you are as a leader:

  • What are my leadership strengths?
  • What are my areas for growth?
  • How can I influence my community, workplace, classroom, etc.?


For anyone interested in learning more about their personal leadership style and potential.


You'll complete assessments to determine your unique skills and style:

  • StrengthsFinder
  • Myers-Briggs
  • Character Matrix

Then, find out where and how you can best lead, impact, and serve others, based on the assessments' outcomes.

When and Where

We meet for 4 sessions on weeknights from 4-6 p.m. (schedule varies each semester).

How to Sign Up

You can sign up for all sessions, or pick and choose the ones you want. Each session is $5, and assessments must be completed prior to sessions.

Contact us to get signed up.