Information Sessions for Adult Undergrad & Graduate Programs

Bethel Seminary Programs

It's about becoming a well-rounded student who is a diligent theological scholar, a strong leader, and a faithful servant.

Here, excellence is about bringing theology to life by living out your beliefs. It's about becoming well-rounded students who are diligent theological scholars, strong leaders, and faithful servants. It's about developing your God-given talents while gaining the biblical foundation you need to discern faithfully, think critically, and act wisely. It's about using everything you believe to make a real difference in your community and in the world.

Grounded in biblical truth. The Bible, God's Word, is core, so you
will gain a solid biblical and theological foundation to shape a godly
perspective on all of life.

Focused on leadership. The world needs strong, humble, passionate
leaders, so you will develop the perspectives and skills of servant

Designed for spiritual integrity. Spiritual leaders must lead out of
spiritual and emotional strength, so you will be invited and challenged to
grow personally, relationally, and spiritually.


Don't hesitate to contact our seminary admissions offices if you have any questions.

Several of our programs are also fully online. Fully online options have a (*) next to them.