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Meeting you where you are—so you can get to where God wants you to be

At Bethel Seminary, we prepare you for the future God is calling you to. Our commitment is to you, and coming alongside to partner with you in your academic endeavors.

Through a cohort model, you'll not only have the support of our experienced faculty and staff, but you'll also have the benefit of sharing the journey with other students who are pursuing similar passions and opportunities. 

Choose from a variety of delivery options—take courses face-to-face on campus, or study from afar through online programs that also include intensives on campus twice a year. We have graduate degree programs and also offer doctoral degrees in ministry.

All of our programs are designed to provide you with the most relevent theories and practices to prepare you for a variety of careers, including pastoral roles, family and childrens ministry, and marital and family therapy. See more of what we have to offer below.