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Mentor Information


The role of the Living The Questions mentor is to provide encouragement and support for a student participating in the program. We are asking mentors to develop an ongoing relationship with a high school student. Living The Questions will provide training for mentors and support to the mentoring relationship. Three objectives encompass the vision for this mentoring relationship. Mentors will:

  • develop Christ-forming relationships with students.
  • provide accountability to the student during his/her leadership experience.
  • help create connecting points between the student and the church.

Time Commitment

Mentors are asked to meet once a month with the high school student for 10 months (August–May). We suggest that the length of the meeting be 45-60 minutes. In addition, mentors will be invited to attend a training session and banquet in July. These two events will take place at Bethel University and more information will be provided. Plans are also being made for a dessert at Bethel University, at the end of the leadership experience to celebrate with mentors, students, and their families.


Step 1 – Church staff will invite an individual to serve as mentor with a high school student.

Step 2 – Once an adult has agreed to serve as a mentor, the church staff will pass that mentor’s contact information to the director of Living The Questions.

Step 3 – The director of Living The Questions will contact the mentor. At that time, the mentor will complete an information form and sign a mentor contract form.

Step 4 – Prior to the summer institute, Living The Questions will update the student with information on who their mentor will be.

Step 5 – Mentors will be invited to attend a training and a banquet in July. At the banquet, students will share what they have learned during the summer program and present their leadership experience plan for the upcoming 10 months. Time will be given for the mentor and student to talk about next steps.


During the 10 months, Living The Questions will provide monthly communication and resources to the mentors.