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Mentor Information



The role of the Living The Questions mentor is to provide encouragement and support for a student participating in the program. We are asking mentors to develop an ongoing relationship with a high school student. Living The Questions provides training for mentors and support to the mentoring relationship. Three objectives encompass the vision for this mentoring experience:

  • to develop Christ-forming relationships with students
  • to provide accountability as the student works on a community engagement project
  • to help create connections between the student and the church

Time Commitment

Mentors are then asked to meet once a month with the high school student for 9 months (August - April). We suggest that the length of the meeting be 60-90 minutes. 


We partner with the student and his/her local church to help the student find a mentor. The church may invite someone to become a mentor, or the student may select an individual to serve as their mentor. After the mentor has been selected, the student submits their contact information to the Living the Questions Program Coordinator. The mentor will then be contacted by Living the Questions to collect information. The Living the Questions Program Coordinator will schedule an initial phone call with the mentor to explain the program, the mentoring role, and answer any questions the mentor may have. 


During the 9 months, Living The Questions provides monthly communication and resources to the mentors via email. These resources provide training and updates specific to what students have learned in their summer experience. The Program Coordinator serves as a resource to answer questions and provide guidance for mentors. 

For more Information

Contact the program coordinator at living-the-questions@bethel.edu