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Motor Vehicle Regulations

Safe driving

Bethel University’s main Arden Hills campus is highly residential and home to more than 1,700 students. Vehicles must be operated in a safe and cautious manner, and in accordance with state law. Drivers should be ready to yield to pedestrians or other road users at all times. The established speed limit on campus is 20 mph.

Traffic violations may be issued for speeding, failure to yield at an intersection or to a pedestrian, or reckless driving; such as driving on walking paths, car surfing, weaving through driving lanes, or sledding behind a vehicle. Repeat offenders will be referred to Student Life for disciplinary action.

General parking guidelines

Vehicles must be parked in designated parking spaces. A vehicle is considered parked when it is left unattended for any amount of time. Designated fire lanes and other “no parking areas” are strictly enforced. 

Long-term parking (seven days or longer) on campus is prohibited.

Sleeping in a vehicle parked on campus is prohibited. Overnight stays on campus are restricted to residence halls, and subject to the associated Residence Life policy.

Overnight parking

East, West, SRC, Ona Orth, and North Commuter lots are closed to overnight parking from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.

All vehicles parked on campus overnight must have a current parking permit. Parking on campus overnight without a valid permit or in a closed lot will result in a violation notice and possible immobilization. Further information on parking permits can be found here

Parking for people with disabilities

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and its revised regulations, signed accessible parking spaces are available in campus lots. Use of these spaces is restricted to vehicles with state-issued handicapped license plate, hang tag placard, or temporary certificate. Bethel University is not authorized to issue temporary handicapped permits or to approve use of these spaces for any vehicle without a state-issued permit. Individuals with temporary disabilities should apply for a handicapped parking certificate. 

Minnesota state law requires monitoring and enforcement of ADA spaces in form of a fine, which University policy has set at $200. Quick errands, deliveries, or drop-offs are not valid excuses for parking in or obstructing handicapped spaces for any period of time, and there is no appeal process for the fine excepting presentation of state issued certification for use of the space.

Reserved parking spaces

Spaces marked with a sign designating a name, title, department, visitor, or other specific use are considered reserved parking spaces. Vehicles parked in these spaces and reported by the space’s primary user are subject to immediate ticketing, immobilization, or towing. If no specific time of reservation is stated on the sign, the reservation applies 24/7.

Violation notices

Vehicles found in violation of the established motor vehicle regulations will be given a Motor Vehicle Violation Notice. Any citation fee associated with the violation is based upon a graduated fee schedule as determined by the offender’s violation history and University policies.

Parking over breaks, holidays, or studying abroad

Overnight lots may be closed over extended holidays or breaks in order to remove snow or perform other maintenance during periods of low traffic. In these cases, lot closures will be communicated by Safety and Security in advance of the closing, however vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense. Registered owners are still liable for any and all towing charges incurred, even if they are in another country. Please make plans in advance for these situations. Residents leaving a vehicle over a holiday or break are advised to leave a set of keys to the vehicle with a trusted individual, so that the vehicle can be moved in the event of a lot closure.

Please contact the Office of Safety and Security for more information regarding parking over breaks and holidays.

Disabled or abandoned vehicles

Vehicles cannot be stored on campus for extended periods of time. If a vehicle experiences a breakdown, it must be moved out of traffic as soon as possible and removed from campus within 24 hours. Should a vehicle become disabled, immediately notify the Office of Security and Safety at 651.638.6000. Vehicles deemed disabled or abandoned are subject to citation and/or towing, and all vehicles, regardless of operating condition, are liable to any lot closures (e.g., snow emergencies). 

Motorcycle and bicycle parking

Motorcycles and mopeds may park on sidewalks and in designated parking areas, so long as they are not blocking any building traffic or exits.

Bicycle racks are provided in several areas around campus. Bicycles should not be locked to anything other than a bicycle rack. Bicycles locked to other objects, such as trees, benches, light posts, or signs, will be removed.  Unclaimed bicycles will be disposed of at the end of the academic year.

Further information on campus parking regulations can be found here.