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Service, Employment & Internship Opportunities

We encourage students to be involved in the practice of ministry throughout their seminary experience. The practice of ministry, and the relationships one forms through service, become invaluable to integrate one’s learning as well as to secure post-seminary employment.

Here you will find service opportunities, potential internship opportunities, and full and part-time employment opportunities.

Service Opportunities

Look here for churches and ministry agencies at which to seek experience while you’re in seminary.

Potential Internship Opportunities

Look here for churches and para-church organizations seeking “interns” for specific needs. These hold potential to meet Bethel internship requirements, through consultation with the Director of Internship.

Full and Part Time Employment Opportunities

Students and alumni look here for a partial list of full and part time employment opportunities. An exhaustive list may be found on Bethel’s Online Career CenterSearch under "Ministry."

Denominational Websites

Look here in the future for links to denominational websites where ministry positions are posted.