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Bethel Advance is more than a partnership program. It's championing education, connecting resources, and collaborating with the community. 

Through Bethel Advance, we are: 

  • changing the face of P-12 and higher education relationships by being more collaborative, attentive, and responsive to the changing needs of all students.
  • making connections amongst Bethel students, Education Department alumni, Bethel faculty and departments, teacher educators and school administrators, and metro schools and districts.
  • helping others give back to the teaching profession by sharing knowledge and expertise, hosting student teaching placements, and attending events to earn CEUs.
  • supporting current students by hosting career-ready events such as the Principal Panel, interviews, and a graduation celebration.
  • supporting graduates by sponsoring alumni activities and providing opportunities for continued professional growth.

Principal Panel

  • Held in the fall each year
  • Partner principals are invited to participate in a panel and the session is open to current and alumni students
  • These field experts share relevant advice, their experiences, and tips for a successful interview or first year on the job

Bethel Advance Interviews

  • Held in the spring each year
  • Principals from partner schools and districts get a first look at graduating seniors for current job openings
  • Current students participate in real interviews and receive real-time feedback
  • Principals from partner schools and districts connect and share innovative initiatives and best practices over dinner

Graduation Celebration

  • Held in the spring each year
  • Celebrate our graduates' accomplishments as they begin their new careers
  • Support our new graduates through a commissioning ceremony to show our love and care
  • Connect our new graduates with the Bethel Education community including alumni, former professors, and school administrators

Continuing Education Units

  • CEUs are available at different times throughout the year on various current and relevant education topics