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Field Experiences and Teaching Internships

At Bethel, teacher preparation is about more than methodology. It's about cultivating educators who have a mission and a purpose.

P–12 School Partnerships

Through our advanced level community partnerships, we are able to place Bethel students in diverse settings with the opportunity for multiple hands-on classroom and real-life teaching experiences.

Bethel Education Program Highlights

Ranked top education programs, not only in Minnesota but in the Midwest region.

All supervising faculty:

  • Visit their students about once a week
  • Hold a Master’s in education
  • Bring many years of classroom experience
  • Supervise in their licensed area

Students receive training in Co-Teaching, ENVoY, and technology.

Professional behaviors are emphasized throughout the program.

Supervisors and cooperating teachers are invited to lectures, workshops, and trainings. CEUs are available for select events.

Bethel Partner Program Levels

Traditional Placement

  • Features: teaching intern placement of one student in one classroom at a site
  • Bethel's commitment: resources directed to the one placement
  • Partner commitment: minimal

Residency Placement

  • A residency model is available for elementary placements
  • Modified residency is available for secondary placements—students complete teaching internship in the same classroom as their methods placement
  • Bethel's commitment: resources directed to the one placement for the year
  • Partner commitment: minimal

Cluster Site Partnership

  • Features: cluster of multiple teaching interns at one site; year-long residency model
  • Bethel's commitment: targeted resources to support multiple teaching interns and cooperating teachers
  • Partner commitment: 2–5 internship placements per year

Advanced Partnerships

  • Features: moves beyond traditional placement to include innovative initiatives
  • Bethel commitment: targeted resources to support teaching interns, cooperating teachers, and program needs. Example: AVID-trained tutors to complete hours during teaching internship
  • Partner commitment: Multiple intern placements and the resources and structure to support the innovative initiative. Example: tutoring schedule fits around teaching internship availability

Become a Partner

Elementary Education Placements

Becky Carlson

Becky served ten years as a fourth- and fifth-grade elementary teacher before arriving at Bethel University in 2004. Since then, Becky has been a supervisor for teaching interns and practicum experiences. Her work focuses on placing teaching interns and practicum students in elementary schools and working with local Twin Cities school districts. Her current partnerships focus on research on induction support for new teachers.

Secondary Education Placements

Mike Mignard
m-mignard@bethel.edu | 651.638.6087

Mike has 22 years of experience in a P–12 setting where he was a teacher, athletic director, guidance counselor, dean of students, and principal. He has been at Bethel since 2002 where he has served in the education department setting up practicum experiences and teacher intern placements. He also teaches courses in the undergraduate and graduate schools at Bethel. He has presented on a variety of topics at schools, and at regional and national conferences.