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Middle Level (grades 5–8) Endorsement

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A Middle Level Endorsement is a license to teach one middle school subject that is added to a full license in elementary education or secondary education. Coursework provides opportunities to get in the classroom and do the work teachers do while taking advanced coursework and participating in the community of the endorsement department.

Why should I study an endorsement specialty?

The best reason to pursue an endorsement is because you love middle school students and want to become more effective in your teaching. However, an endorsement increases the range of the courses you can legally teach and therefore increases your employment opportunities as well. For example, a 5–12 social studies education major could become more marketable by adding a middle level math endorsement.

What can I do with this degree?

You’ll become licensed and qualified to teach middle school in the specialty area(s) of the endorsement(s) you choose, in addition to elementary or secondary grade levels.

Endorsements are available in:

  • Communication Arts and Literature (English)
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies

What skills will I develop?

Each endorsement will prepare you for how to meet the specific developmental and educational needs of middle school students. Our focus on hands-on learning means you will have the opportunity to gain firsthand experience completing the types of assignments your future students will do. Because you’ll complete advanced coursework in the subject area, you’ll also be gaining deeper skills in that discipline.

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

Take part in a non-education department

Endorsement students participate not only in education department activities, but also have the chance to become involved with their endorsement departments, including:

  • Off-campus study programs
  • Events
  • Cocurricular activities
  • Field trips

Gain middle level teaching experience

All endorsement students have increased time in classrooms, including a middle level practicum and student teaching experience.

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