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Winter 2018 Issue (pdf)

Two new faculty members, new Electrical Engineering major, exciting student news and more

Winter 2017 Issue (pdf)

Two prestigious awards given to two faculty memebers, a 2011 alumni essay, Laser conference attendance recaps, and more.

Winter 2015 Issue (pdf)

Announcing a new faculty member, the Ping-Pong Cannon goes global, student research, student events, alumni stories, and more.

Winter 2014 Issue (pdf)

News of our department's three National Science Foundation (NSF) grants and alumni fellowship awards, recent conference presentations and research activities, student successes, our first alumni open house, and more.

Spring 2013 Issue (pdf)

Featuring stories about international travel of students, alumni, and faculty, Dr. Peterson's position at NSF as a program director within the Division of Undergraduate Education, Dr. Hoyt's NSF grant to use fiber lasers in advanced lab courses, conference presentations, research updates, and more.

Spring 2012 Issue (pdf)

Biomedical emphasis, announcement of future Biomedical Physics major, shares stories of Bethel alumni working in biomedical industry in the Twin Cities. Also study abroad, summer research positions, and more.

Summer 2011 Issue (pdf)

Brings you to the coldest place in Minnesota, Dr. Hoyt's AMO laboratory. Looks at career paths of recent graduates and Dr. Beecken's Air Force grant to study charging/discharging of spacecraft, summer 2011 Bethel physics research, and current student internships.

Winter 2011 Issue (pdf)

Significant strides forward for the physics department including summer 2010 summer research of several of our students, recent trends and growth of our graduating classes, and the introduction to the physics department's newest professor, Dr. Nathan Lindquist.

Summer 2010 Issue (pdf)

Summer research done by current Bethel students and alum, off and on campus, an article on Dr. Peterson's future plans, jokes, and more!

Fall 2009 Issue (pdf)

Update from Dr. Peterson including the Bethel Physics and the AAPT Advanced Lab; his summer teaching physics at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya, images from the shock tunnel, the ups and downs of quarky research, Bethel and the NASA Space Grant, and more!

Summer 2009 Issue (pdf)

Features alumnus Matt Borg, '03) Articles on Mars lander decelerator systems, an update by Dr. Hoyt regarding research in the AMO lab, Dr. Beecken's summer research, and the graduating classes of 2008 and 2009.

Fall 2008 Issue (pdf)

This newsletter is a tribute to R.A. Carlsen, with submissions from Dr. Peterson, Frank and Kathryn Meyer, Dr. Greenlee, Dr. Beecken, and Dr. Wetzell.