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Sign up by December 7 and receive $50 off your total trip cost! (Valid for first 10 students who apply.)

Payment Schedule

  • Dec. 7 - $100 deposit due with application
  • Jan. 11 - $300
  • Feb. 8 - $400
  • March 8 - $400 (or any remaining balance)

Includes everything except any meals you eat while traveling to and from NYC, and optional excursions you chose to participate in on the free day.

Paying for the Trip

How can I pay for this? We hope you're asking yourself this question and not just diving in. Below are some ways to make this incredible experience a reality.

Break It Down

Here is one way to look at the total cost of the trip. Think of it in thirds.

  • First 1/3: $400 - You pay for out of your own pocket. Start saving now! If you qualify for one or more of the incentives, that will help A LOT.
  • Second 1/3: $400 - Ask parents, family members or friends to support you (you can use our sample support letter or create your own).
  • Third 1/3: $400 - Fundraising. We are working on some opportunities, but welcome any creative ideas.