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M.A. in Transformational Leadership

Leadership is about more than titles and positions. It’s about participating with others in the transformational process to make a difference together.

Bethel’s M.A. in Transformational Leadership will help you become a leader with sound character, visionary perspective, and a servant’s heart. You’ll learn to build up and encourage the people around you, create and sustain healthy organizations and communities, prepare the next generation of leaders, and act as an effective agent for change. You'll grow as a leader who can make a difference in organizations of all types--businesses, churches, educational institutions, ministries, non-profits, and community groups as well as in a wide range of global contexts.

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M.A. in Transformational Leadership

This program will build upon your skills, passion, and vision to take your leadership impact to new heights. You will gain deeper insights into your abilities through integrated learning with peers seeking to grow.

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Location St. Paul
Credits 42
Tuition per Credit $508
Estimated Total Tuition $21,336*

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Preparing Virtue-driven Leaders

At Bethel, we believe that anyone can learn to lead. This program is designed for those who are called to leadership and want to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to make wise decisions, engage their followers in authentic relationships, and guide their organizations, ministries, or communities into a better future.

Our Transformational Leadership program features highly-regarded graduates, experienced faculty, relevant instruction, a convenient schedule, valuable networking, and a supportive community. You’ll be prepared to make a difference in our world and inspire others to use their own God-given talents to accomplish incredible things.

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Program Highlights

4-R model of leadership

Learn the 4-R model of transformational leadership—relationships, roles, responsibilities, and results.

Leadership in a wide variety of contexts

This program is designed to prepare you to be an effective leader in any situation—churches, communities, organizations, ministries, and non-profits in a variety of global contexts.

Finding your leadership voice

You’ll meet with a mentor, spend time in personal reflection, and take a variety of strengths assessments to gain a better understanding of yourself, your strengths, and your leadership capacity.

Biblical and contemporary leadership

Leadership theory and practice are explored through both secular and Christian perspectives, producing a well-rounded framework for effective leadership practice.

Personal growth

Through personal experiences, quality examples, and candid, encouraging feedback, you’ll grow in your wisdom and maturity as you learn to navigate life’s difficult situations.

Cohort model

Move through your program with your cohort—a group of supportive colleagues—fostering meaningful friendships, lifelong connections, and a valuable network.


Our Transformational Leadership program will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to be a confident, humble leader of sound character. Our graduates work in a variety of contexts and career fields.


Learn how to:

  • Function as an effective agent of personal and corporate change
  • Serve the best and highest interests of others
  • Create and sustain health organizations and communities by imparting hope and forging mutual partnerships
  • Prepare the next generation of leaders


Careers of our graduates:

  • Church leaders (senior pastors, youth pastors, executive pastors)
  • Leaders of para-church and missions organizations
  • High school and college administrators and leaders
  • High school and college coaches
  • Business social sector entrepreneurs
  • Cross-cultural missionaries
  • College ministries
  • Denominational executives
  • Faith-based ministry leaders

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