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Actuarial science is not currently a major or minor at Bethel. However, several students each year apply their coursework toward a career in actuarial science and take their actuarial exams. 

Through various courses of study, Bethel students develop their critical thinking, data analysis, and reasoning skills and gain a critical understanding of mathematics and computer science. Our general education courses, combined with some of the courses listed below, prepare students well for careers as actuaries.

  • MAT330 Probability and Statistics
  • MAT209 Financial Mathematics
  • ECO201 Principles of Economics
  • BUS344 Managerial Finance

If you're interested in actuarial science, you should discuss this with your academic advisor early in your time at Bethel. Your advisor will help you develop a program of courses that fits your interests and preprares you for the actuarial exams.

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