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Thank you for your interest in joining the Vision Trekk: New York City spring break trip. Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited! Your spot on the team will be secured after the following steps are complete.

Step 1 | Read before you apply

  1. This is Intentional: From the minute you leave campus, everything is planned and purposefully designed to challenge you-expect the unexpected!
  2. This is Interactive: Vision Trekk Guides will create collaborative learning and participation through leadership teaching applied to outdoor adventures.
  3. This is Individualized: Through coaching, guides will integrate all material to each Trekker, personally with an individual focus. This means that you will be challenged based on who you are and the potential we see in you.
  4. This experience will be Incredible: We commit to provide an experience of excellence on all levels. Through participation in Vision Trekk you will have a clearer understanding of who you are and where you've been designed to serve.
  5. NOTE: The cost for Vision Trekk NYC will be $1,200 per student which includes all expenses except travel meals and the optional day trip excursion. To secure your spot, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required with your application. All trip fees must be paid before we leave for NYC.

Step 2 | Application

Fill out the online application. Upon completion, submit a $100 deposit to the Student Life Office by Friday December 7. Put this in an envelope with your name, student ID and trip name on it. This will be returned to you if you are not accepted on the trip.

Step 3 | Interview

Once your application is processed, Nathan Freeburg will contact you within 1-2 weeks to schedule an interview. Upon approval, you will receive an acceptance letter and preparation packet with paperwork that must be completed and returned. Please complete the travel waiver (pdf) and medical info (pdf) forms.

Step 4 | Welcome to the team

Once these steps are completed you will have all the information you need to raise funds and prepare for the trip.