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Jodi Dressel

Catering Coordinator

BC 351 | j-dressel@bethel.edu


Years at Bethel

17 years

Training and Experience

Most of her training has been "on the job" here at Bethel.

What She Does at Bethel

Catering for Jodi is a way of serving others. In her role as a catering coordinator, she is able to work and oversee events that range from a simple buffet meal to the Festival of Christmas, where we serve over 1400 guests in 2 days. She takes pride in providing excellent service (she remembers what several guests prefer to drink). Jodi also enjoys training the student crew, teaching them "tricks of the trade."

In Her Free Time

She has been married 26 years to husband, Stephen, a high school teacher and has two amazing and active boys, Eli and Ethan, 10 and 9 years old. Their family loves to read, go to movies, ride bikes, play basketball, swim, and hang out with friends. She loves the fact that her kids read cookbooks and already know how to cook without any help. Also, they know how to fold dinner napkins in five or six different ways! She is a fabulous baker (especially cheesecake).

Favorite Meal

Any meal shared with family and friends, but especially pork chops and mashed potatoes!