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Rochelle Sward

District Registered Dietician



Years at Bethel

Started in September of 2022

Training and Experience

25 years in food service, and it’s unbelievable how time flies! Her first job was making pizzas at 14, and at 18 she decided to make foodservice a career by going to culinary school. She worked as a baker and cake decorator for 14 years at a handful of restaurants and bakeries; and while going to school for Dietetics, she worked in nutrition service kitchens at various hospitals before stepping into school dining. 

Culinary school came calling in 2003 and with her love and history of food, she found curiosity in the science of how it interacted with the human body. From 2015-2019, she pursued and completed her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition with St Kate’s University; and completed her internship with Aramark through the summer of 2020. Additional trainings include ServSafe and Allertrain certification.

What She Does at Bethel

She primarily works with food allergies and students wanting to know how to eat their best while away from home. This allows her to be involved with a handful of Bethel departments who work together in providing the education and support any student may need. She supports her Sodexo team by providing food allergy trainings, kitchen assistance, and is even involved in the occasional catered event. Engagement with students is a priority, so she holds a monthly themed tabling showcasing a relevant nutrition topic…. and always includes free food!


In Her Free Time

Anytime there’s a chance to get some fresh air, she takes it! She loves exploring and hiking through Minnesota state parks or walking around a lake. This girl likes to eat! And has a running list of recipes and restaurants she explores with her loved ones. She also rents plots with her neighbors in the community garden and spends the spring and summer listening to music and digging in dirt.

Favorite Meal

She’s simple and could eat some form of soup, sandwich, or breakfast food for every meal, but she does like to cook and dine fancy too! These meals however, are only the best when shared with family and friends; laughter and good conversation make any meal more special.