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Cookin' in the Kitchen

Chef Jeff and Dietitian Lexi host our summer cooking video series "Cookin' in the Kitchen" where they will teach you some simple, healthy, and fun recipes to try at home!

Everyday App

Monson Dining Center

You can now get daily menu, nutrition, and meal time information for Monson Dining Center right on your smartphone!

Search "Everyday" in your app store, download the free app, and choose Bethel University as your location.

Everyday is the app we've all been waiting for!

We're on Instagram

Social Media

Are you social? Follow Dining Services on Instagram (username @sodexobethel) for photo updates and social media exclusives!

Check out some photos and follow us here. We also have Twitter and Facebook if those are your social sites of choice.

DC Demos

Monson Dining Center

Chocolate dipped cookies, Homecoming cake, Halloween punch... Watch for our new DC demos coming to a Bethel dining center near you.

Email Chef Peter to ask about what is coming up or to suggest a food demo you would love to see.


Monson Dining Center

Take your food on the road (or down the hallway) by enrolling in our to-go program. Return your Eco-Container or token at the end of the school year and get your deposit back on your flex account.

By choosing to recieve your food in a reusable container through the Eco-Container program you save money, we reduce waste, and we all save space in landfills. Everyone wins (especially the environment).

Ask the cashier at the MDC register about joining the movement or email Jodi Dressel.