Ministry Partnership Program

Through the Ministry Partnership Program, we work with churches and parachurch organizations to make seminary education more affordable for their staff and lay leaders.

How the Program Works

Staff and members of partnering organizations, including churches and parachurch ministries, are eligible for a scholarship set annually at approximately 30% of the price of 6 credits of tuition.

To be eligible, students enroll in 6 credits (2 classes offering 3 credits) per semester. In addition to the Ministry Partnership Scholarship, students may qualify for financial aid through the need-based Bethel Grant and educational loans awarded through the FAFSA and the Bethel University Financial Aid Application process. Recipients of the Ministry Partnership Scholarship will not be considered for additional Bethel-funded grants or scholarships.

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Becoming a Ministry Partner

Partners of Bethel Seminary agree to:

  • Place a Bethel Seminary link on their main website to a page that describes the details of the partnership
  • Allow Bethel Seminary to be included in online announcements to introduce the partnership
  • Promote Bethel Seminary information sessions and events through online announcements, announcements in meetings/services, and/or insertions in bulletins or other publications periodically throughout the year
  • Agree to host information sessions at their ministry/church 1-2 times per year led by Bethel Seminary staff

Interested in having your church or parachurch organization partner with Bethel Seminary? Contact Jen Niska for details.

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