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Changing students’ lives through service and leadership

Bethel offers several undergraduate and graduate school education programs that will give you the experience, skills, and knowledge you need to effectively educate youth or become a leader in K-12 and higher education administration. Our distinguished faculty will prepare you for success, whether you’re earning your initial teaching license, supplementing your license with any of our other master’s education programs, or pursuing a doctorate in education leadership.

For the busy adult, we offer multiple delivery options for our programs. You can complete your program onsite in St. Paul or online. Whichever option you choose, you’ll become part of a Christian community where you’ll receive valuable networking opportunities from your peers and learn to apply with excellence your new degree, certificate, or license to your career.

Check out our programs below.

Bachelor's Degrees

Education (B.A)

We also offer traditional daytime education degree programs for undergraduates. You'll learn how to effectively use the most up-to-date technology in the classroom, participate in opportunities to gain classroom experience in urban, overseas, and other settings, and gain the knowledge and skills you need to be a leader in the classroom.

Special Education (B.A.)

The Adult Undergrad B.A. in Special Education will help you become a skilled professional in a high-demand profession. You'll learn to customize programs to meet individual needs and serve students with compassion in a variety of roles. This program will build your knowledge base and refine your skills in assessing, supporting, and educating students with mild to moderate disabilities.

Master's Degrees

Education K-12 (M.A.)

Our M.A. in Education K-12 program will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to be a confident teacher prepared to serve students, families, and communities in a complex and changing educational environment. The program is designed for teachers already working in K-12 classrooms who want to improve their teaching skills and expand their leadership opportunities.

Special Education (M.A.)

Our special education program will build your knowledge base and refine your skills to assess and educate students with mild to moderate and moderate to severe disabilities. You’ll develop into a confident, compassionate, successful teacher, serving kids, families, and communities.

Explore our concentrations to find the option that will best meet your goals and interests. If you're not already a licensed teacher, you will have to complete the Standards of Effective Practice concentration, which meets the Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice, a requirement for every Tier 3 and Tier 4 K-12 licensed teacher in Minnesota.

Teaching (M.A.)

Our M.A. in Teaching qualifies aspiring teachers to enter the field of their calling. You’ll receive an initial teaching license and gain the skills and knowledge you need for a successful teaching career.

Doctoral Degrees

Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership (Ed.D.)

Bethel’s Doctor of Education in Leadership in Higher Education will develop you as a leader who can meet the challenges facing colleges and universities. In our program, you’ll analyze those challenges and determine how you can respond in ways that reflect your unique leadership strengths, passions, and experience. At Bethel, you’ll prepare for effective leadership in the many areas within higher education institutions and organizations.

Ed.D. in K-12 Administration (Ed.D.)

Bethel’s Doctor of Education: Leadership in K-12 Administration will develop you as a transformational leader who can humbly and confidently lead colleagues, students, and community members in connecting with their strengths, passions, and experience.

Students can earn a principalsuperintendent, and/or director of special education licenses. Non-license seeking students complete an individualized directed study.


ENVoY Classroom Management Strategies Certificate

With the ENVoY Classroom Management Strategies Certificate, you’ll become skilled in using a range of nonverbal cues to maintain a positive, safe learning environment for every student.

International Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning

With our International Baccalaureate Certificate Teaching and Learning, you'll deepen your knowledge of the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and implementation of IB programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.


Academic Behavioral Strategist License

Our Academic Behavioral Strategist License prepares you to serve K-12 students in a variety of mild to moderate disability categories, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Emotional Behavioral Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Other Health Disabilities, and Developmental Concentration Disabilities. You’ll be equipped to work in resource rooms and inclusive K-12 settings within public schools.

Autism Spectrum Disorders License

The Autism Spectrum Disorders License will prepare you to serve students in birth to age 21 settings who have been identified with autism spectrum disorders.

Developmental Disabilities License

With our Developmental Disabilities License, you’ll become adept at implementing and adapting evidence-based instruction methods that will meet the needs of your students and help them succeed.

Director of Special Education License

Our Director of Special Education License prepares you to caringly and effectively serve students with disabilities and their families. You’ll be ready for leadership in an administrative role as you build skills in problem-solving, organizational management, communication, resource allocation, and policy.

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders License

Our Emotional and Behavioral Disorders License prepares you to serve K-12 students who have been identified with emotional and behavior disorders ranging from mild to severe.

K-12 Principal License

Our K-12 Principal License will equip, empower, and inspire you toward success in administrative leadership. The program is designed to provide you with the right blend of challenging work and personal support.

Superintendent License

Our Superintendent License will equip, empower, and inspire you toward success in administrative, district-level leadership. The program is designed to allow you to experience the right blend of challenging work and personal support.

Teacher Coordinator Work-based Learning License

Bethel’s Teacher Coordinator of Work-based Learning License program helps educators plan experiences that give their students the chance to learn in work settings outside of the classroom.

Teaching License

The Teaching License offers you the opportunity to gain skills and methods that have the greatest impact on today’s students in a variety of environments.


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