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Performance Management

Employee Performance Management

The performance management process is an on-going conversation involving both the supervisor and the employee.

At the start of working with an employee, it is recommended that a supervisor would use a tool (such as the one linked below) to track performance, foster connection, and focus on the development of an employee. A document such as the one below allows the supervisor to have ongoing documentation of performance management.

When a new employee reaches the 45 and 90 day markers, the supervisor and employee will have performance review conversations. Forms will be emailed to the supervisor from the office of People and Culture near each date and are also available below:

It is recommended that supervisors continue to meet 1:1 with each of their employees consistently. Additionally, it would be useful to continue to use a tool such as the 1:1 Touchpoint Form to doucment these conversations.

Performance Improvement Resources

Occasionally, supervisors may need to address performance gaps or concerns. Two tools that supervisors could use are linked below. A PIP is used when a supervisor notices a skills gap, a performance gap, or a behavior change that needs to occur. A written warning is used when a PIP is not motivating change or a situation is particularly egregious.

It is recommended that a supervisor completes a rough draft of the tool they wish to use and then set up an appointment with a Business Partner in the office of People and Culture to review the document and prepare for the conversation.

Annual Employee Training

Each year all employees (full time and part time, staff, and faculty) need to complete a series of online training modules in order for Bethel to stay compliant with both internal and external workplace policies.

As a supervisor, you will need to remind your team members to complete these training modules found in the Annual Employee Training Moodle. Both staff and faculty employees can complete these trainings anytime between July 1 and April 1 of each performance review cycle.

During staff employee performance reviews, supervisors will confirm with the staff employee completion of this annual training. Faculty employees should complete training by April 1. Deans will be notifed of faculty completion rates.

Annual Employee Performance Reviews

Our annual staff employee performance review season runs April 1-May 31. Employee Performance Reviews are due to the office of People and Culture no later than June 15 each year. Linked below are the forms for the Performance Review and goal setting conversation(s). If you have any questions regarding the forms please reach out to the office of People and Culture.

The following forms are for your reference and use.