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Benefits-eligible employees are also eligible to receive dental insurance coverage beginning the first day of employment. The cost of the coverage is shared by both Bethel and the employee. Employees have the option to choose whether premiums come out of their paycheck pre-tax or post-tax.

Bethel's Dental Insurance Provider: HealthPartners
Member Service Numbers:

2023 Monthly Dental Premiums

Coverage Level Employee Pays Bethel Pays Total Premium
Single $8.00 $24.13 $32.13
Single+1 $16.00 $49.36 $65.36
Family $24.00 $72.94 $96.94

Dental Plan Documents:

2023 HealthPartners Dental Coverage Overview (Minnesota Employees)

HealthPartners Dental Distinctions Summary Plan Description

HealthPartners Dental Distinctions Appendix


2023 HealthPartners Dental Coverage Overview (Outside-of-MN Employees)

HealthPartners Dental Benefit Summary Plan Description

HealthPartners Dental Benefit Appendix



What can you do through your myHealthPartners portal?

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    • See your benefits and specific plan information
    • Check your plan balances, including your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum
    • Compare prices on prescription drugs at nearby pharmacies
    • View your claims and explanations of benefits (EOBs)
    • Manage your health care costs and plan for future expenses
  • Find Care
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    • Compare doctors side-by-side
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To sign up for an account, you just need the ID number on your insurance card.