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Tuition (12-18 credits per semester, plus 1-5 credits for interim) $38,870
Room (new student rate) $5,900
Meal Plan (Block B, 250 meals per semester) $5,060
Student Activity Fee (if full-time) $160
Total Direct Costs $49,990

The room rate for new students will not increase during their 4 years at Bethel, provided they live in campus housing every semester.

Food costs vary based on the meal plan you select. All freshmen and first year students living in Bethel housing are required to purchase either the Block Plan B or the All Access Plan.

Resident students are assigned Block Plan B, which provides 250 meals for fall, 250 meals for spring and 60 meals for interim, unless they purchase a different meal plan.

Other Costs for 2020-2021 Academic Year

Tuition for post-baccalaureate and teacher licensure students $1,080 per credit
Tuition for part-time students (fewer than 12 credits per semester) $1,620 per credit
Tuition for each credit over 18 credits in a semester $1,080 per credit
Interim tuition (see detail of interim charges below)
Tuition for summer 2021 $540 per credit
Audit tuition $170 per credit
Parking fee varies, see Safety & Security for details
Student Health Insurance (required if not covered by other health insurance) varies, see Health Services for details

Additional costs throughout the year include books and supplies, private music lessons, lab or course materials, athletic fees, transportation and personal spending. These vary widely from student to student.

Tuition rates for off-campus programs are available from the Office of Off-Campus Programs (651.638.6549).

Interim Charges

  • Full-time students on the block tuition plan - Students enrolled for at least 12 credits for both fall and spring terms who are paying the block tuition rate of $19,435 per semester are not charged tuition for 1-5 credits taken at Bethel during interim. Fall and spring term tuition is not reduced if students do not enroll in an interim course at Bethel.
  • Part-time students - Students who were charged tuition on a "per-credit" basis for either fall or spring will be charged for interim tuition as follows: If you're enrolled full time 1 semester (paying the block tuition rate) and part time 1 semester, you'll be charged for half of your interim credits at $1,620 per credit. If you're enrolled part time both semesters, you'll be charged for all credits you take during interim at $1,620 per credit.
  • Students not on the block tuition plan - Students paying the post-baccalaureate tuition rate, teacher licensure tuition rate, or audit tuition rate continue to pay the per-credit rate for all interim credits.

Interim housing is at no additional charge for students who are enrolled in Bethel housing for both fall and spring semesters. Interim meal plan charges are billed with spring charges.

Students participating in off-campus semester programs may be charged interim tuition. Students studying abroad over interim will have additional program costs. Contact the Office of Off-Campus Programs (651.638.6549) for detailed information.

Disclaimer: Prices reported here are subject to change without notice. Refer to the upcoming College of Arts & Sciences Catalog for definitive pricing and additional cost information. Find 2019-2020 costs here.