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Gerontology Certificate

Gerontology is about more than understanding change. It's about responding in meaningful ways.

The Certificate in Gerontology at Bethel equips professionals for important work in the growing gerontology field. With people living longer and a rapidly growing number of aging adults, the world will need professionals with a background in gerontology to provide the services and leadership to respond. Prepare to use your education in a variety of interesting and life-changing ways.

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An Interdisciplinary Approach

Bethel’s gerontology professors recognize that aging involves changes that impact our society, culture, economic well-being, and spiritual life. That’s why our certificate and M.A. in Gerontology programs take an interdisciplinary approach. Gerontology is a field that can be applied to virtually any career, from estate planning and healthcare to grief counseling and chaplaincy. You’ll discover ways to connect with services that other organizations already offer and find opportunities to start something new.

0% of recent graduates volunteer for charitable causes

- Bethel Graduate School Alumni Survey

2.1% Unemployment rate of recent graduate alumni

- 2015 Bethel Graduate School Alumni Survey

25 years providing Graduate School education

Program Highlights

Grow professional networks

Learn from professionals and guest speakers from several disciplines who will help you connect with others in many industries. Your cohort members will also likely come from many career fields and will provide a holistic understanding of how aging impacts all aspects of life.

Become an advocate

Gain a background in gerontology issues so you can become an advocate for the aging, their families, and their caretakers. You’ll have the opportunity to influence social policy that recognizes and honors aging persons.

Provide hope

Help the aging to reframe their gifts and talents so they can use them to benefit society. The oldest members of our communities have a lot to offer; helping them find new ways to serve provides hope, purpose, and a more fulfilling life.

Prepare to effect change

Find ways to change policies or legislation and lead and influence others in agencies or organizations that serve older people. Gerontology also offers opportunities for innovative start-ups in areas as diverse as adult daycare, respite care, financial services, continuing education, marketing, and more.


Students study gerontology at Bethel because they’re passionate about responding to the world’s aging population. Whether they’re looking to help people navigate social service agencies, stay in their own home, understand Alzheimer’s, find resources that will enrich their lives, manage finances, or cope with emotional aspects of aging, they’re all here to build skills that lead to meaningful work.


Learn how to:

  • Serve the elderly and their families
  • Apply gerontology services to specific populations
  • Understand how to provide a continuum of care
  • Help the aging identify new areas of vocation and identity
  • Develop programs of study and service for individuals in active retirement
  • Provide leadership in programs, institutions, agencies, or congregations
  • Offer ongoing training to professionals involved with the elderly and their families
  • Influence development of social policies that recognize and honor aging persons


The Certificate in Gerontology is relevant for those working in:

  • Financial industry
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Business
  • Ministry
  • Social services
  • Counseling
  • Law
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