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Strategic Leadership Program Details

Master of Arts

In the strategic leadership program, you’ll build on your unique skills and experiences to become a leader of greater influence. Our curriculum helps leaders develop the self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and competencies necessary to lead people and organizations in new directions.

Face to Face

Face to Face Evening

You'll meet during the evening at one of our convenient locations.

Location: Anderson Center

Start Dates: Courses start every 6 weeks. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.


Fully Online

You'll complete 100% of your coursework online.

Location: Online

Start Dates: Courses start every 6 weeks. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.

Total Credits


Approximate Program Length

21 months


  • Engaging Your Potential (LEAD607)

    Orientation to Bethel University Graduate School, the MBA and MA Strategic Leadership programs, and the career coaching process.

    0 credits

  • Leadership Theory & Personal Agency (LEAD611)

    Analysis of leadership theory and research as it applies to individuals and organizations. Evaluation of personal leadership capacities and the design of a specific plan for capacity increase. Analysis of the relationship between personal faith and leadership service.

    3 credits

  • Worldview, Ethics and Leadership (LEAD621)

    Explore Biblical, historical, and contemporary ethical frameworks. Explore how one's personal spirituality and vision of the world impacts one's leadership. Understand the biblical and theological foundations of leadership. Analyze the nature of ethical issues relating to personal integrity and leadership. Articulate personal foundations for ethical leadership.

    3 credits

  • Leading Change in a Changing World (LEAD631)

    Forecasting and designing alternative futures for organizations. Understanding organizational change as it relates to mission, strategies, tactics, and structure. Strategic planning and opportunity generation in light of theory, historical trends, environmental factors, and organizational capabilities.

    3 credits

  • Organizational Diagnostics and Health (LEAD641)

    Examination of theory and research surrounding organizational structures and behavior. Assessment of organizational health at multiple levels in light of relevant research, theory, and organizational relationships and patterns. Sustainment or improvement of organizational health through leadership techniques that enhance organizational effectiveness and empower individuals.

    3 credits

  • Leadership Formation and Strategic Talent Management (LEAD651)

    Global thought leadership, current theory, and best practice implementation on building leadership cultures and coaching emerging leaders. Understanding structures and systems that foster talent development, employee engagement, retention, and effective succession planning. Introduction to research, best practices, and formal processes to address leadership competency gaps through individual development planning.

    3 credits

  • Portfolio Integration and Capstone Development (LEAD755)

    Culmination of leadership courses as students continue in graduate work. Foundation for a collaborative project that synthesizes scholarship and practice around the development of a business plan. Exploration of interconnections within business and connections with other aspects of life. Introduction to reflective learning through portfolio practices.

    2 credits

  • MBA/MASL Capstone Delivery (LEAD790)

    Culmination of Bethel Leadership courses as students complete their graduate work. Teams (assigned in LEAD755) present their collaborative project that integrates scholarship, synthesis, and practice around the development of a business plan.

    1 credits

    Corequisite Course: LEAD755

  • Managing Projects & Quality Initiatives (SLDR615)

    Introduction to project management theory, issues, and skills associated with project management. Analyze connections between behavior, knowledge, and processes that influence the success of projects in organizations. Assess projects, management, and tools for management based on best practice.

    3 credits

  • Beyond Diversity (SLDR640)

    dimensions that relate to the workplace. Use of cultural intelligence tools and inventories to increase personal awareness and understanding of others. Synthesis of diversity theory and tools to build effective, inclusive leadership in the workplace and community.

    3 credits

  • Managing Conflict Through Dialogue (SLDR650)

    Transitioning from "dealing with incidents" to leading teams that learn from conflict. Developing personal and professional boundaries when dealing with complex organizational environments. Thinking productively about conflict from organizational, developmental, and spiritual standpoints.

    3 credits

  • Followership: The Other Side of Leadership (SLDR660)

    Overview of the traditional views and attitude toward followers, analysis of different models and styles of followership, and the characteristics of "good" followers. Analysis of relationship between leaders and followers and leadership and follower styles. Exploration of bad leadership, courageous followership, transformational leadership; planning for improving followership abilities.

    3 credits

  • Collaborative Leadership and Associative Platforms (SLDR670)

    Explores how leadership takes place between and within organizations, and how leaders can develop networks for shared planning and action. Technology and connectivity as another platform for collaboration and developing and pursuing shared goals. Planning and managing organizational learning and global information flow, in terms of alliances, networks, and partnerships.

    3 credits

  • Portfolio Deliverable (SLDR789)

    Synthesis of key learning from the Master of Arts program, including a reconsideration of earlier work, leadership theories and growth concepts, and the development of a professional portfolio.

    0 credits

  • Select 1 from:

    • Experiencing Global Business (BUSN675)

      Explore international cultures, faith, ethics, and business structure by traveling internationally on a Bethel-sponsored trip. Gain perspectives on how American companies do business globally and compare American and international cultural, business/economic, educational and spiritual practices.

      3 credits

    • Topics in Leadership Studies (SLDR605)

      Course is offered as an elective, and covers a variety of emerging, transitional, and/or exploratory leadership topics.

      3 credits

    • Leading in Times of Crisis (SLDR645)

      Assessment of crisis situations and the variables contributing to particular episodes. Analysis of resources and opportunities available during crisis and their impact on a crisis situation. Synthesis of self-awareness, faith foundations, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills for the organization and direction of individuals and groups during times of intense difficulty.

      3 credits

    • Global Leadership Summit Studies (SLDR627)

      The Global Leadership Summit, presented annually by the Willow Creek Association, is the foundational context for this elective course. Effective leading and following for any venue is studied through the lens of varied presenters.

      3 credits

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